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Macro photography can be expensive because you have to buy a dedicated lens. Since I don't do a lot of macro photography, I'd rather stick with smartphones and some cheap solutions. As I wrote in the Wear&Wound's 2016 Holiday Gift Guide, I use a microlens clip on my phone, which is relatively cheap and usually works pretty well. You have to use different lenses to see which one best fits the unique optical qualities of a phone or tablet.

The silver-blue dial has the same "stadium" design as the previous model, but with some changes and improvements. Most of the dials are matte black with white markings, but two of the indicator layers are treasure blue. Another unexpected use of color adds some personality and personality to the design. In addition, the pointer is now black, with a pull replica Rolex watches copper, and the color story is re-tied to the dial. Blue bounces off the copper of the case, in contrast to the two. On previous models, the big minus 8 mark below 12 was a point of contention. They removed the logo and replaced it with the -8 symbol. To make the logo more subtle, it is bright black on a matte black surface and disappears completely in some light.

Now imagine that you are the brand of a founder who has always been revered, and you want to be a brand that respects the legacy of the founder. As a result, you've created a tribute collection. If you were the Roger Dubuis brand, you could call it the Hommage Collection.

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The brand's characteristic and legendary “Heart Beat” opening at 12 o'clock stands out impressively from the sunburst embellished dials. The four new, colorful Heart Beat dials were also provided with applied diamonds and Roman numerals as indices. With every look at the watch, the wearer reveals both the beauty of the design and the masterful craftsmanship.

After a positive case study, Breitling moved quickly to create a second limited-edition Superocean model, which we call the "Limited Edition II". It is very similar to the first model, but in blue instead of black. In order to satisfy a larger potential customer base, 1,000 units will be produced. But the most important news surrounding this watch is its charity matching. Breitling has identified charities in France, Italy, the UK, Japan, the US and Spain to help frontline workers involved in the fight against COVID-19. A portion of the proceeds will benefit these charities. Breitling will donate a total of 500,000 Swiss francs. A watch will be auctioned off on Charitybuzz, and the winner will have a digital chat with famous surfer (and Breitling pal) Kelly Slater.

In fact, 1978 was an important year for sports marketing, because that year also foreshadowed:

Versions of the 35mm diamond-encrusted variant and the 39mm gold-encrusted bellis are relatively neutral, thanks to their beautifully displayed miniature paint patterns in elegant, sober frames.

And a few more formalities: The competition runs until September 25, 2016. It decides the lot. Legal recourse is, of course, excluded. The complete terms and conditions can be found here.

A good feature is that the earbores are positioned very close to the case, reducing any potential gap between the case and the strap. The end of the strap will remain in a small recess at the back of the case,best Daytona replica complementing this positioning.

I used to work in a service center, so I usually deal with people who have problems with their watches, he says. "?" So far, the people who have bought watches from me are very happy, which is a comfort. "

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